I am a contemporary landscape painter. I've been highly influenced by driving around Minnesota and Wisconsin. I've always been fascinated with the land and the calmness of driving by it and it's quiet beauty. I have taken so many photographs of the land that the simple subtleties are deeply ingrained in my vision. 

One of my favorite things is taking the simplest shapes or line and making them into something familiar. And it means so much to me to make something that means so much to someone else. 

I have a BFA from the University of Minnesota where I studied Painting and Photography.


My mediums include: 

watercolor, acrylic, printmaking, ink and photography.  

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Please reach out to me if you have questions about custom paintings or any paintings that are available here that you might like to see additional images of. It's so hard sometimes to capture the paintings through photography and websites so please don't hesitate. Thank you!